Minnie Bhupathi, MD

My first introduction to art other than the required classes in elementary through high school, was during my undergraduate education in the Botany and Zoology labs. Cataloguing various plants, leaves and flowers, drawing life forms like snails and earthworms in painstaking detail actually proved to be quite a nice foundation for drawing. Later in medical school, studying Anatomy offered the opportunity to study the human musculature via dissection of human cadavers and opportunities to record by diagram various relationships within the musculoskeletal framework. Gray’s Anatomy was and still is my most favorite text book!


While much of my learning has been discontinuous, there has been a slow and steady progression towards painting in the classical realistic tradition. I have studied with several contemporary realism artists, Douglas Flynt, Damon Carter,Thomas Dunlay, Stephanie Birdsall, Helena Ehlke, Alex Zonis and have received Classical Atelier Training at The Fine Art Academy in Denmark, WI and at Classical Art Online, an online atelier run by Jonathan Hardesty. The ARC certified curriculum is rigorous, but the hours spent in the studio under the watchful  guidance of Molly Johnson and Jonathan Hardesty have been an invaluable part of my development as an artist.I have also studied portrait drawing and painting at the Grand Central Academy in New York City .