Holly Rae Henson

Holly R. Henson (b. 1971) is a fine artist living in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and two young daughters. First a student of Mathematics and Philosophy at Samford University, she later continued her studies in Painting and Drawing at Georgia State University and the Atlanta College of Art. Holly has studied floral still life painting with master painter, Dennis Perrin. Additionally, she has studied with numerous contemporary portrait/figurative masters including Steven Assael, Seth Haverkamp, and Casey Baugh. Her paintings are collected nationwide and internationally in London and Brussels. Her work has been featured in various group and solo exhibits, including exhibits by the Portrait Society of Atlanta, Oil Painter's of America, and Audubon Artists.

"I have been creating oil paintings for over 20 years, exploring a wide variety of subject matter during that time. No other medium resonates with me the way oil paint does, with it's sculptural mark-making qualities, glazing capabilities, and rich history of materials and methods spanning from the Italian Renaissance to the present day. My desire is to carry forward a long tradition of realism in our contemporary time, creating timeless paintings with a commitment to skill, creativity, beauty, and empathy. I believe that real beauty is never trivial and that great art has the ability to give us hope and comfort in difficult times, to remind us that we are not alone, and even to heal our wounds.

Painting flowers is an act of contemplation. There is something so pure in painting a bloom as it unfolds in glorious beauty before my eyes, then fades into dust. The act of painting that flower is so many things to me: the act of truly seeing, of contemplating the cycles of life, and of giving something of phenomenal beauty a more lasting mark in my heart and in the world, before I must let it return to the earth."