Bayberry Shah

Bayberry Lanning Shah grew up in Murray, KY, a college town where her father was a professor. Bayberry excelled in art and music classes in high school, winning the Juror's award in a regional art competition for her original painting.

Despite her promise as an artist, she accepted a full scholarship in Music Performance at Miami University in Ohio. There she played in the symphony on bassoon but always found time to do art projects in her spare time.

While living in New York after obtaining her Master's Degree in International Marketing, Bayberry became active in local art groups. She produced original prints, silk scarves and jewelry for local boutiques and craft fairs.

Bayberry found a new avenue for her creative energies by using her photography to capture macro shots of flowers and then choosing the best for painting. This reignited her love of painting and she has been actively expanding her portfolio and participating in juried local and national art events. She has collected thousands of photographs of unique flowers while traveling to over 40 countries and has selected the most worthy to recreate in paint.

Bayberry lives between Atlanta, London, Amsterdam and Helsinki while she and her husband work as consultants.